Sunday, December 30, 2012


At first glance u may think I am talking about the women in this pic, and although they are beautiful, I am not talking about their appearance.

These 3 have developed a friendship that is rare these days. The topics they discuss, the things they do together, the favors they do are nothing short of beautiful.

Nothing is ever a problem if it is helping one another. They share life experiences, workouts and even late night chocolate.

I love watching this beautiful friendship grow but unfortunately one of them is moving to another state. Even tho they won't be together everyday or even in the same state after tonight, they still have something beautiful - friendship!

My point: they have a great friendship because they invested into it. They worked out together, they laughed (A LOT) and they cried together. That's what friends do, whatever it takes. .

This is a great reminder to us as we enter into a new year, invest into relationships because NOTHING is more beautiful than friendships.

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