Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Tell me more

Are u "that guy" (or girl)?

If u ask a question so u can answer it

If u interrupt a story so u can tell urs

If u think ur the most interesting person u know

If u walk into a group and immediately take the focus

If u walk into a room and think "here I am" instead of " here they are"

If u are supposed to be listening but can't repeat back anything that was said

If u are in a conversation and are waiting for a pause so u can talk

If while ur talking about yourself ur hoping when u finish the others will tlk about you

If u answer "yes" to any of these - you are that person.

My point: what do people like to talk about - "themselves". You should be different. Let others talk an get to know them. You will be more likable when people like how they feel when ur around.

Instead of telling ur story ask them to "tell me more" and watch what happens.

The truth is - ur probably not that interesting anyway - just sayin

What would u add to this list - tell me more...

Saturday, September 22, 2012

I'm back

I had an episode with tumblr and decided to come back to the ol faithful.

I was looking over past posts and realized that blogger and I have a 5+ year relationship. That's just too long to walk away.

My point: there are so many places to interact with social media and one day maybe we will all be on the same one but until then I will keep blogging on blogger and posting on Facebook and tweeting on twitter and I'm even now enjoying google circles not to mention Instagram... I just got a headache thinking about them all.

Anyway, I'm back on blogger - for now