Sunday, December 9, 2012

Last attempt - perfect

Raegan turned 5 this week and I remember the day she was born. I held her and all I could say is "she's perfect."

Since I have 4 daughters, I joke and introduce Rae as my last attempt for a boy. I am serious when I say that because we are definitely not having anymore children and as much as I thought I wanted a boy, I was wrong.

I wouldn't change this precious little princess for NOTHING. She is the littlest princess and she is nothing short of perfect in daddy's eyes.

It is hard to believe how long ago it seems that she was born but it seems like it was just yesterday too. Life is an awesome journey and this little girl makes it more fun, entertaining, exciting and joyful.

My point: We often think we know what we need but most of the time it is more about what we want. I may have prayed for a boy thinking that is what I wanted but God knew this little girl is what I need.

I will be playing with my girls and I will say out loud "daddy didn't need no boys." I guess I said it enough that they started saying it for me. We get to playing and being goofy and one of them will say Daddy don't need no boys...

That is sooooo true. My last attempt for a boy = perfect!

Happy birthday Rae Rae. Daddy loves you little girl.

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