Saturday, August 28, 2010

the judge

as i sit here: i realized that when we deal w/ people, most of the time we either respond with grace or judgement.

i think for the most part i offer grace but i am noticing that the exceptions seem to be ppl who have burnt me or have violated my trust / grace.

that approach stinks & it is wrong but its reality. i should always offer grace first & will do my best to do so.

i was hit by this reality when i was walking thru the mall arm in arm with my 14yr old shayna. ppl looked @ me like i was her sugar daddy (pervert). they were judging their perception. i really dont care, i just thot it was funny & helped make my point.

give ppl grace, dont be a jerk, ur not the judge...

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Wednesday, August 25, 2010


well as i sit here wondering what to blog, i am blown away @ technology. as i was driving to work i heard a commercial about the dangers of texting while driving.

a few years ago no one would be warning about the dangers of texting. now we not only have radio spots directed at it but there laws in some states that make it illegal.

i admit i have done it (i will not say whether i still do) & i cant believe how many accidents result from "smart" phones.

technology is just like anything else good, be wise when using it.

my point: use common sense, its one thing that technology cant replace...

i just blogged on my DROID
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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

it's always something

Have you ever felt like "it's always something..." If you have relationships, you will have issues.

I read Proverbs 14:4 today and it hit me pretty good. It says "an empty stable stays clean but no income comes from an empty stable" (NLT)

When a farmer has no oxen, the stable will be clean but he will be unable to make a living. The only way to keep your life free of people problems is to keep it free of people.

BUT (& that is a BIG BUT), if your life is empty of people, it is useless. If you live only for yourself, your life loses its meaning. Instead of avoiding people, we should embrace them and accept the fact - there will be issues to deal with.

I look at this thru the C3 lens. I thought "It seems as we grow, the more issues we have", then I had an epiphany - DUH!!!

Of course that's the case. The more people, the more issues. That is exactly why we need to look at issues as opportunities that lead to LifeChange.

My point: you can try to go through life without any problems but you will be a lonely miserable person and that's a problem. So avoiding people problems & issues is avoiding people all together but that leads to another whole set of problems... So basically you choose your issues and problems

Do you want great relationships or be lonely & miserable. Either way, you will have issues and problems. Suck it up and start loving on people...

Thursday, May 13, 2010

This is how we roll at the C3

This video is absolutely hilarious. It goes to show us that even tho we try to be different, we are somewhat the same.

Even though we don't always intend to be the same or do things the same way, we aren't always successful...

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Ecuador update (guest appearance)

the following update is by my daughter Shayna who is on the missions trip with us. I am very proud of her. Enjoy.

John 16: 33 “I have told you these things, so that you may have peace. In this world there will be trouble, but take heart! For I have overcome the world. “

People line the streets. Mothers, fathers, and children of all ages trudging through mud, trash and anything else that would violate health codes. They sell fish and meat off of wagons in hope of making enough to get through. Their “houses” (or bamboo shacks) are smaller than my bedroom. But what caught me the most off guard, were their smiles. For the last two days, my motivation has been their joy. Its hard work! But in the end, I would do it all over again just to see one beaming and appreciative face.

This heat is overwhelming. Our frail Ohio blood wasn’t prepared for this weather! Our team though, has managed to push ourselves and each other to work without limits. We have guys bending thick metal poles with their hands. Groups of girls walk from shack to shack and smile (because most of us speak little to no Spanish.) The living conditions blow my mind. Worn clothing, hammocks for beds, and no air conditioner. yet, their all so welcoming and eager to talk. They’re crying out for someone to care. We’ve been moving heavy rocks into wheel barrels and packing them with large machinery. At nights we sing and worship our God. Some carry bamboo, some carry cement blocks. In the end, we all carry each other.

A few of the neighborhood kids have come to the worksite in hope of being entertained and loved. We played and laughed and sang and danced as if there was no language barrier at all. Everyone knows how to speak and hear love. These people are all so patient. We as Americans honk if were in traffic for more than 10 minutes, because “we have somewhere to be.” Oh, and if it takes any longer than 25 seconds to get on facebook, the world is going to end. But here, they stop what they’re doing to talk to you. They smile and wave then continue along with what they were previously doing. How, or why are we so different? Is it better to have everything and never be content? Or to have nothing and be happy, but in need? Every situation has its fair share of problems, but one thing unites us all. Happy or sad, impatient or content, God is God. He has a plan, He has a purpose. and that is why the C3 crew made our way to Ecuador. We are simply part of His plan and purpose, working to please our Almighty God. For those of you who have been praying for us, I thank you. Continue to pray that the Lord will use us and speak to us in ways that we never thought possible. See you all soon!

With love;

Shayna & the C3 crew.

Sunday, May 2, 2010


The day started for the guys at 5am - not by choice, we had barking dogs in the street, people setting their alarm clocks for the wrong times, roosters crowing and an abundance of snoring.

Anyway, we woke refreshed, jumped in a shower with no hot water (because there is no need to heat it since it is so stinkin hot here...) and proceeded to breakfast. Breakfast was good. Freshly squeezed juice, scrambled eggs and some flaky bread item that somewhat resembles a croissant. The topping choices were butter or some jelly looking substance that could best be described as an apple butter with a fig/prune twist (sounds gross but it is really good, the younger girls even liked it). That is how the guys day started - BUT - the girls didn't have it as smooth.

They woke up to one of the guys pounding on the door because we were scheduled to leave in 5 minutes but still no traces of the girls. They opened the door frantically while trying to get all the needed supplies ready for departure as Carrie explained that her alarm got all jakked up. Her clock was set but unfortunately it was reading 2am even tho it was 7am... Some of the girls were able to woof down some eggs and then jump on the bus with awesome hair and a great attitude.

Off we went to the absolute worst part of town. I will save the word pictures but you will have to trust me that some of our pets lives better than some of these beautiful people. It is humbling to see the difference in lifestyles. We got to the spot where we will help build a church and it was SOOOOO HOT.

They were gathering in a place where the church will be - so they took some bamboo poles and called them seats. They set some poles in the holes and draped a tarp over it for some shade for the kids (and us extremely white foreigners). They had no sound system, no musical instrument and no coffee to serve but somehow - we had church. These people are amazing. Even through the language barrier, we were able to speak "love". We will have lots of pictures when we get back to share...

After we had church, we went to a mega church and enjoyed the praise and worship to the same God we serve. We couldn't participate in the songs (due to the language barrier) but there was such a presence of a loving God that again I have to use the word AMAZING.

After church we went to the "other" part of town. A great family hosted us & treated us like royalty. It was obviously the wealthy part of town and we enjoyed some cultural food and rituals. We ate, went swimming, ate dessert and then enjoyed some wonderful relaxation - some even napped. We were resting up for the rest of the week when we will push ourselves to our physical limits and do our best to leave this place better than when we came.

Now we are getting the food ready for tomorrow and oh yeah - since we are all about competition, we have a couple guys who will attempt to drink a half gallon of chocolate milk in under 5 minutes. This started as a joke (from our youth pastor days) and it evolved into an all out evening of entertainment. We have some people running to the store right now and we will definitely get it on video. We love and miss you all...