Saturday, November 22, 2008

the "don't gain" challenge

I read a stat that the average weight gain over the Holiday season from Nov to Jan is 12 pounds. Say that out loud "I am going to eat so stinkin much & not work out, that I am going to gain 12 pounds." 

That is a drastic change in lifestyle. More food in general. More junk food and less physical activity. That is why I am throwing out this little challenge. If you are up for it feel free to join in. 

Here are the details:
//Weigh yourself on Monday November 24th. That is the weight you must maintain until Jan 3rd. This is not a weight loss competition - lets be realistic. It is only to help keep from gaining. You don't have to tell anyone what your weight is, you just need to use the original weight as the target. 

//Each week you weigh yourself. If you have gained any weight, you owe $1 per pound you have gained. You cannot earn this money back if you lose it a different week. If you lose weight, that is great but you don't get anything for losing weight (other than the sheer satisfaction of knowing that most of the country isn't able to do what you just did).

//Every week you report your status. Either "no change", "gained ?" or "lost ?". Again, you owe $1 per pound gained. I will keep a tally of the money owed and keep everyone updated of the pot weekly. 

//At the final weigh in on Jan 3rd, the person/people who did not gain any weight wins the penalty money. If more than one person wins, we put the names in a hat and draw out one winner. 

//If no one maintains the weight, the person who gained the least amount over the competition wins the money. 

//If 3 people maintain the weight and one person loses any weight, the person who lost the weight still only gets the name in a hat. The goal is not to lose but not to gain. 

By saying "maintain" that means you never incur a gain penalty. Every time you weigh in, you have either stayed the same or lost. 

Here is a scenario. You start out at 150lbs. The first week you weigh in you weigh 148lbs. You owe nothing. The next week you weigh 150lbs again, you still owe nothing because you do not weigh more than the original starting weight. The next week you weigh 151lbs, you owe $1. The next week you weigh 150lbs again, you owe nothing but you don't get your $1 back. 

There are many people who said they would be interested in a competition to motivate them through the holidays, lets see if they meant it and will put their money where there mouth is...

My point: accountability is the best way to accomplish a goal. The goal is not to lose weight but to not gain weight. We can beat the national average if we do it together. The average person is going to gain weight over the next few months, lets not be average. 

Let me know if you are interested by leaving a comment or emailing me

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

good grief

Remember how Charlie Brown used to say "good grief"... I started thinking about that. Is grief good? 

Today was probably the roughest time of my mourning the loss of my precious Megan. She was born on Nov 8th and died on Nov 12th. Deni and I usually spend some time on Nov 8th remembering her life and doing something in memory of her. We watch her video and we talk about those 4 days we spent with her and we cry cry cry...

This year was a little different. I thought I would handle it ok and we didn't do our normal routine. We made different plans. I was blown away at how incredibly different this year was. I found myself being really grumpy, giving short answers, getting mad at little things and I couldn't see how anyone would want to be around me because quite honestly, I didn't want to be around myself. 

I hated feeling like I did, but I didn't know how or what to do about it. I was pushing my wife away instead of embracing her and getting through this together. I found myself getting incredibly mad at her for not comforting me. I didn't even think about comforting her, I was too busy being selfish and self centered. My grief wouldn't allow me to focus on anyone or anything but myself. I didn't know how to communicate my feelings because I didn't understand them.

The one thing I know about grief is that it is unpredictable. Just because I handled it a certain way last year, doesn't mean I will handle it the same this year. We all handle it differently. 

I learned a lot about myself this year. One of the things I communicated to my wife is that when I am not myself and I am grumpy or irritable, the best thing she can do is give me a big ol' hug... She is taking a risk by doing it but she has to trust me enough to believe that a hug will bring me back to reality and send a much more loving message than getting mad at me or just keeping distance. 

My point: we have to allow ourselves the time we need to grieve. We just have to figure out how to grieve in a way that it doesn't hurt others. I heard that "hurting people, hurt people". I don't think that is the intent, it's just that we don't always communicate our feelings in a healthy way. 

Grieving is healthy but I wouldn't say "good grief".

to everyone who has prayed for us - THANK YOU and may God bless you.  

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

thank you

Since my blog has become such a massive influence in this country we live in, I have been asked to encourage you, my faithful readers,  to participate in answering the question "what you are thankful for." (Ok, so I realize only 6 people, on a good day, read this blog and they are all related to me but it sure did feel good to write)

We are at the time of year when everyone is getting ready to wake up really early to go shopping the day after thanksgiving to purchase a bunch of worthless stuff for people they don't even like. Some people will be in such a hurry that they will totally forget or not pay attention to what this season is truly about - thankfulness. 

I have a friend who has amazing hair and the church he attends set up a site for people to share what they are thankful for. He asked if my loyal fans (you) would participate. 

If you would go to and leave a comment, that would be greatly appreciated. 

My point: we all have things that we should be thankful for. We need to take time to express that thanks and why not even share it with others. Feel free to leave a long comment or a bunch of shorter ones or whatever you feel like doing. 

I am thankful that you read this blog. I am thankful for your participation...

Saturday, November 8, 2008


4 years ago today, I had the amazing opportunity to witness the birth of a beautiful baby girl. Deni and I welcomed Megan Renae to this world and our lives will forever be changed. 

Megan lived only 4 days but the lessons I have learned and continue to learn will stay with me for the rest of my life. Every year I allow myself this day to mourn. Normally when I think about Megan, I choose to focus on the good things about those 4 days. 

I know that little girl lived her entire life (although short) knowing nothing but LOVE. Somehow there is comfort in that. I don't suppress my feelings, I just choose to focus on the blessings that Megan brought. 

Then every Nov 8th, I will watch a video that we made of her short time on this earth. I watch my family hold her not knowing if she would die in their arms. I look at the pain on their faces because they will not see her again until we meet in Heaven. I see how different we all looked 4 years ago. I also notice how much pain there still is when I watch it. 

One of the coolest things I have learned is that the pain is so great because the love is so deep. If we don't care, we don't hurt. Whenever I talk to people that have suffered loss, I remind them that they are hurting so bad because they loved so much. That can't be a bad thing. 

My point: I don't EVER want the pain to be gone. I choose to allow that grief and pain serve as a reminder that I LOVE MEGAN SO MUCH!!!

If you have suffered a loss, I am sorry. Don't minimize the pain or act like it isn't hard. Choose to embrace the pain as a reminder of the depth of love you have for the one you lost.  

This is my favorite picture of my precious baby girl. She is so comfortable in Mommy's arms. She will have to be comforted in the arms of Jesus until we can hold her again. 

"I love you little girl"

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

fun with facial hair

I have updated my facebook with pics from when I shaved my chuck norris beard. 

My point: the beard looked amazing growing and coming off...

here is a small sample

change is coming

Whether you voted for him or not, whether you are happy or not, America spoke loud and clear. The masses came out to let their voices be heard and overwhelmingly they said "change" is what's needed. 

Some people think that no matter who the democratic nominee was, they would've won because people are just that fed up with Bush. The republicans are being blamed for the condition of the country. Right or wrong, it is what it is.

I know of some people who support McCain that are all gloom and doom. Those who support Obama may have a huge reality check coming if/when he isn't able to deliver everything promised on the time table that is expected. This country was set up with checks and balances and somehow some way, I believe this is all part of a much larger plan.

As a Christian, I believe that ALL (not some) authority is appointed by God (Rom 13:1). Because I believe there is a much bigger plan, I have to believe that even this president elect is part of that plan. It is a piece to the bigger puzzle. It has to happen in order to accomplish the ultimate plan. We are witnessing history and again, whatever your opinion, as emotionally charged as you may get, this is a pretty cool time to be alive.

For those who prayed for a different outcome, you need to continue to pray for this president. For those who think this one person is going to make all the problems go away... you should read how this story ends. The Bible tells us how this is going to play out. I don't know why we are surprised. 

My point: It's easy to accept God's will when it is what YOU want - but can't it still be God's will when you don't get your own way. I am a proud American and am anxiously looking forward to see what happens. 

This is a historic time, embrace it and know it is all part of a story & we know how it ends. Stay tuned, it's gonna get interesting...


Saturday, November 1, 2008

who I was -vs- who I am

Last night I blogged in an attempt to be funny... or did I?

I posted a video (I already removed it) that my friend John put on youtube. It is an absolutely hilarious video and I laughed like crazy while watching it but I posted it with the intent to embarrass him - but that is not what friends do.

He was making comments about the pictures I posted on my facebook and I was striking back. I figured if he can dish it out, he can take it. While that sounds good and fair, it just made me feel awful.

As I shared the last time I got to speak at C3 church in a message called "beware of the mouth", I am a recovering idiot. I used to be the one would make fun of people for a laugh. I realized that the reason I made fun of people was out of my own insecurities. 

I am not saying that is why other people do it - it is why I did it. I would justify it with: well it's true, they know I'm kidding, it was just a joke... I would make all kind of excuses. The bottom line is it was wrong. Funny or not, it is wrong for ME to use my words to tear others down. 

I found myself wanting revenge, to make others look stupid because that is what they were attempting to do to me, and I didn't like my motive. I apologize to John "the Truth" TeHaug and to everyone who reads this blog. I became what I used to be and didn't stay true to who I am and I hated that. 

My point: it is a daily battle to sustain the changes I have made in my life. I can't allow others to suck me back into that world.

I am the one who posted the pictures knowing they are funny. I think they are definitely a sign of the times changing. I will keep posting pictures that are intended to be funny and if you choose to make comments, have fun and know that there will be no retaliation. I can take it.