Sunday, February 24, 2013


Hannah was asked if she wanted to do a certain part in her dance recital. It was a part that would've totally fit her personality but for some reason she said no.

Deni and I were blown away because normally she would've jumped at the opportunity. Then at cheering we noticed that she wasn't as "cheerful" as normal.

We asked her about it and after a few questions she explained she didn't want people to laugh or tease her for doing something different. This crushed us as parents because unfortunately we cannot guard our little girls heart from hurt.

We decided to talk to her about having courage and being brave. Being brave means trying even if ur afraid. We shared stories from our lives where we messed up big time and guess what - people laughed and made fun of us. We had a lot of laughs but I think Hannah understood people are going to laugh and make fun so she might as well have fun doing what she wants to do.

My point: fear keeps us from trying. Fear makes us more concerned about not being laughed at. Fear stops us from being ourselves. Fear makes us worry about what other people are going to think or say. Fear keeps us from being brave. Fear is a liar.

Hannah is brave and as parents we have to keep reminding her of that. Fear is supported by lies but being brave is rooted in courage.

Thursday, February 21, 2013

That's what matters

Deni and I just witnessed one of the most precious things ever. Hannah (7) and Raegan (5) just said bed time prayers with each other.

Deni and I were making up Raegan's bed and I told them to get in Hannah's bed until we were done. I said go ahead and pray for each other. Hannah immediately started praying for Rae and it was the most precious thing u could hear.

Deni says bed time prayers with them and so do I and I have seen Shayna (16) kneeling by their beds praying for them before she goes to bed.

I am sure Hannah's prayers were a combination of all the prayers she has heard. It was great. Then it was Raegan's turn. She started with telling Hannah she didn't know how. Hannah told her to just talk to God. The 7yr old was teaching the 5yr old how to pray. Rae did her best and it was adorable. Rae decided she was done and squeezed her "prayer bear" to finish off the prayer time.

The girls had no idea that we were listening. I hugged my wife and we talked about how even tho life can get busy, stressful and chaotic - we are doing something right. We pray with our children and they are hearing us.

When they were done, we ran in there and encouraged their behavior and affirmed them.

My point: my job as a parent is to help my children have a personal relationship with their creator. Not to make sure they have the most toys, newest iPod, cutest clothes... I want them to know what truly matters - family #ThatsWhatMatters

I wish I would've recorded it but I am confident it will not be the last time I hear them pray for each other.

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Holy healthy

So the wife and I decided to try juicing. So far we are 0 for 2 in the category of likely to drink that swill again.

Both drinks we had today were absolutely awful and we literally had to choke them down. This stuff takes a long time to prepare and then tastes awful - who wants in???

I can totally see why people don't do this stuff long term. We are going to do a 5 day plan so there is no doubt we will do it but not sure how pleasant its gonna be.

That is probably true of just about everything - if it takes work, time and isn't pleasant- we quit and never achieve the benefits.

Kinda like a relationship. It takes time, effort, finances and its not always pleasant but its worth the investment to receive the rewards.

My point: sticking with something is the only way to benefit from it. Whether its a relationship, workout or eating, the end reward is only going to be a result of not giving up.

I talk to many people who say "it didn't work" but I wonder how long they tried.

What do u need to try again and stick with it longer...

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Date night

It was really good to have a date night. A lot of people did a lot of planning to make this night possible.

Many people invested time in the details. Everything from gift bags, cookies, meals, room set up, games (which we won one), speaking schedules and many many more.

The goal was to provide couples with an event to grow closer to each other as we learned Biblical truths and got to hear incredible wisdom from amazing people.

With all the people it took to make the event happen, there were more heroes on the home front. We had to coordinate someone to watch our kids and our dogs. Big sister helped in a transition until miss Becke showed up after not feeling well all week.

My point: I'm blessed. I had a great date night with my beautiful bride and I am so incredibly thankful for everyone who made it possible.

Looking forward to a great event next year.

Sunday, February 10, 2013


A "squeaker" is someone who whines or complains. They are annoying but don't know it.

Any toy with a squeaker is very annoying. You never buy ur own kid a toy with a squeaker. A squeaky toy is bought by people who don't have to be around it when it's being played with.

If u buy ur pet a squeaky toy you regret it after about 37 seconds. That's about as long as u can put up with a squeaky toy. After that ur ready to rip the squeaker right out of it and give it back.

This is true of a person who whines and complains - a squeaker. They are the only ones who are not annoyed because they don't realize they are squeaking. Squeakers are so wrapped up in themselves that they don't know it's hard to be around.

Squeaking (complaining) is a very selfish narrow view. They only look at the situation thru their lens. They are so selfish they don't understand how anyone can disagree with their view.

My point: squeakers are exhausting. Squeakers can take up a lot of ur time. If we focus on doing what we know is right, what we are called to do, we don't have to be bothered by squeakers.

If all we do is try to stop the squeaking - that is all we will ever do. Don't worry about the squeakers, do what ur called to do.

Thursday, February 7, 2013


What do u do when the things that normally bring clarity - don't?

Mon we were driving to Sandusky and my wipers were frozen so they weren't making the windshield any more clear. The thing that normally brings clarity wasn't working.

We were going to Sandusky for a retreat. Normally those type things help bring relaxation and clarity. I say normally because this time it didn't seem to "work".

I realized it wasn't the event or the lack of interruption or the quality family time that brought clarity. It is the connection to God that brings peace and clarity.

My point: the events create time to take a break from the normal day to day busy routine and that break allows me to reconnect to The Vine.

It's not a place, a thing or song that brings clarity - It's God. Those things may help u get in a place to hear from God but we can't make it about the things when it is clearly about The One.

How do u stay attached???

Monday, February 4, 2013

Super Sunday

So another Super Bowl has come and gone. It was a good enough game but not sure there is gonna be one great thing about the game that I will remember for years to come.

What I will remember are the super people that I spent time with on this day. We had 3 super full services at C3 this morning. Then lunch with super friends and family. Then a meeting with super partners in ministry then finally the game with more super friends.

My point: life is about relationships and the rest is just details. If ur gonna have relationships u may as well make them super.

I am a blessed man to have such super people in my life.

Go bucks!

Saturday, February 2, 2013

own it

Last week Konan asked me to email him something and I forgot. I could've given a bunch of reasons why I didn't do it but quite honestly, who cares. He didn't need to know the reason it wasn't emailed, he  wanted to know if it was done.

Today, I went to a store to pick up something that has been ordered for over a week now and it wasn't ready. My initial thought was to make mean faces, start throwing stuff, scream while spinning violently and crashing into things but then I thought, what good would it do. I decided to patiently wait and the girl working came to me and apologized for it not being ready. Her explanation was "sir, I am so sorry you are having to wait, I was supposed to do it and I didn't. It was totally my fault. I will get it done right away".

I am glad I didn't overreact. I was prepared to wait but after her explanation and the way she owned it, I would've waited even longer.

My point: excuses are a lame attempt to make you look better than you are. Excuses are something you want everyone to accept from you but you don't want to hear them from someone else. If you said you were going to do something and you didn't, just own it. If you said you wouldn't and you did, own it.

I respect people more if they just own it instead of trying to make it look like they have a really great reason they didn't follow up.

I know there are times I let people down. I know there are times I drop the ball, wet the bed or whatever other phrase you want to use for not doing something. The one thing I will try to do is own it. If I did or didn't do it - own it.