Saturday, June 8, 2013

Biggest fan

Today was the girls dance recital. We had a blast. There is a lot of work that goes into a 2 minute routine. 

We sit for hours to watch our little darlings perform. This afternoon when Hannah was done, we told her Rae was next and she lit up with excitement. Hannah is Raegans biggest fan and vice versa. 

I love seeing these girls cheer each other on. When Rae took the stage, Hannah was yelling her name to show support. When the dance was over, Hannah asked if she could give Rae the flowers. That made my heart melt. 

Hannah knew how good it felt to receive flowers after the performance and she wanted to bring that joy to her sister. (Of course we let Hannah give Rae the flowers with the disclaimer that daddy bought them - just kidding, chill out). 

My point: we all need someone cheering us on. No matter what we are doing or attempting, it makes us feel a lot better if we have someone believing in us and making sure we know it. 

Who do you believe in & how do you show it. Who believes in you & how do they show it?

Sunday, June 2, 2013


Tonight at C3s leadership meeting we revealed a model called PACE. 

PACE is an acronym for:  

We want to try our best to make sure people have a few others they get together with on a regular basis and PACE. 

This isn't something we are going to be able to create, but we can create environments for this to naturally happen. We will make every environment an opportunity to meet others and introduce people to others. 

If we can help everyone find 3 or so friends, they will stick around long enough to allow God to do something in their life. 

My point: everyone grows at their own PACE. Everyone does life at their own PACE. If we allow someone to hold us accountable by asking us the tough questions and then be brutally honest enough to answer without fear - imagine what could happen. Then if the other person was encouraging u by reminding u who u are and helping u replace lies with Truth then finishing up by praying - WOW. That is a formula for spiritual growth. 

PACE will result in better relationships with ur family, spouse, kids, coworkers & friends. It will help u grow and make better decisions. 

We are very excited about this. We know it may be difficult to implement but we know it'll be worth it. 

Who are u doing PACE with???

Saturday, June 1, 2013


This week we got UP fitness bands. Since wearing them for 3 days we are now able to see how many steps we take, how much deep sleep, light sleep and even how long it takes for us to fall asleep. 

It is very cool but the reason it helps make better / healthier choices is because we are now accountable and we get immediate feedback. Deni can see what I have done and I can see what she has done. 

It even allows u to be on teams for an additional challenge if u want that. A lot of times we make unwise or unhealthy choices because we think it won't hurt, no one will know or I will make it right later. With his little bracelet, we get instant feedback. 

This thing will even remind u (by a light vibration) that u have been sitting for 15 - 30 mins. If we are in the car or if I am at my desk checking emails, I am gently nudged to get up and move around. 

My point: we all like instant feedback. We like to see "likes" or comments on our posts, we like to see the number go down on the scale, we like to get a laugh at a joke - whatever feedback or affirmation looks like to u, we like it immediately. 

What if we were this intentional with our spiritual lives - c'mon somebody!!!