Saturday, May 25, 2013


Some people work hard regardless. Some work harder if there is a cash prize and some are good with a trophy. 

I think the trophy is a little overrated. Not because I don't have any but because the ones I do have are in places that no one can see or would even care to see. 

Trophies seem to be like golf or fishing stories. No matter how awesome they are to you, no one else really seems to care. Even if they act like they care, they definitely don't carry the excitement you do. 

My point: The value of a trophy is in ur accomplishment. No one can ever take away what you achieved. No one will be as excited as you but you didn't earn it for anyone but yourself. I like looking at trophies to remember the accomplishment. 

I don't necessarily need a visual reminder but when looking at them, it forces you to relive the experience. Celebrate it again or learn from it and allow it to drive u to be better. 

If everyone gets a trophy, it loses its value - just sayin...

FYI this is the C3 softball trophy from a few years ago. C3 couldn't wait to get it and now can't wait to earn another one. I guess this one is feeling all alone in the electrical closet of the church. 

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