Sunday, February 10, 2013


A "squeaker" is someone who whines or complains. They are annoying but don't know it.

Any toy with a squeaker is very annoying. You never buy ur own kid a toy with a squeaker. A squeaky toy is bought by people who don't have to be around it when it's being played with.

If u buy ur pet a squeaky toy you regret it after about 37 seconds. That's about as long as u can put up with a squeaky toy. After that ur ready to rip the squeaker right out of it and give it back.

This is true of a person who whines and complains - a squeaker. They are the only ones who are not annoyed because they don't realize they are squeaking. Squeakers are so wrapped up in themselves that they don't know it's hard to be around.

Squeaking (complaining) is a very selfish narrow view. They only look at the situation thru their lens. They are so selfish they don't understand how anyone can disagree with their view.

My point: squeakers are exhausting. Squeakers can take up a lot of ur time. If we focus on doing what we know is right, what we are called to do, we don't have to be bothered by squeakers.

If all we do is try to stop the squeaking - that is all we will ever do. Don't worry about the squeakers, do what ur called to do.

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