Sunday, June 2, 2013


Tonight at C3s leadership meeting we revealed a model called PACE. 

PACE is an acronym for:  

We want to try our best to make sure people have a few others they get together with on a regular basis and PACE. 

This isn't something we are going to be able to create, but we can create environments for this to naturally happen. We will make every environment an opportunity to meet others and introduce people to others. 

If we can help everyone find 3 or so friends, they will stick around long enough to allow God to do something in their life. 

My point: everyone grows at their own PACE. Everyone does life at their own PACE. If we allow someone to hold us accountable by asking us the tough questions and then be brutally honest enough to answer without fear - imagine what could happen. Then if the other person was encouraging u by reminding u who u are and helping u replace lies with Truth then finishing up by praying - WOW. That is a formula for spiritual growth. 

PACE will result in better relationships with ur family, spouse, kids, coworkers & friends. It will help u grow and make better decisions. 

We are very excited about this. We know it may be difficult to implement but we know it'll be worth it. 

Who are u doing PACE with???

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