Sunday, January 27, 2013

Remember who you are

Today at C3, Konan gave a great message titled "remember who you are". He showed the lion king clip where Mufasa was talking to Simba and reminded him who he is.

It was a great reminder that we all allow our view of self to get clouded and distorted by lies. The one who delivers those lies can come in many shapes and sizes but the source is the enemy.

We were never meant to believe the crap that people tell us. We are to believe the truth. The truth is we were put on this planet for a reason. The truth is we are all capable of greatness. The truth is there are people who would rather see us fail than succeed. The truth is we are loved. The truth is we are valuable.

My point: it is 100% up to us to choose what we believe about ourselves. You must identify the lies you chose to believe and replace those lies with truth. If you are not sure or too far down the road of negative self beliefs to know the real truth, you need someone to come alongside of you to speak truth to you.

The greatest form of deception is self deception.

A community group is a GREAT way to have people speak truth into ur life. Get in one...

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